Gardening Tips

Before the end of April there is still time to split snowdrops.  The best time to do this is when the plants are still in the green i.e. the leaves are green but the flower has faded but not yet set seed.  Keep well watered.

Its a good time to move most plants now that the soil has warmed up a little bit such as lilacs.  Lilacs like lime, sunny position and free draining soil.  They are shallow rooted and fairly easy to move.

Its also the time to mulch your borders.  Garden compost is probably best.  You can mulch them with mushroom compost but this compost contains lime.  This will help to break down clay soil but wont suit ericaceous plants, rhodendrons, azaleas, camelias, acers.

You can use pine needles to acidify soil.

Top dress rhubarb in late winter with garden compost or if available well-rotted horse manure.  Do not harvest the first year.  When harvesting pull rather cut.

Prune cherries in spring and summer, apple and pears in winter


New thinking is that you dig a square hole rather than a round one when planting to avoid the roots still growing round the hole rather than spreading outwards.

October is a good time to plant crocuses or daffodil bulbs.  Tulips are better planted a little later – up to December is ok but buy them as soon as possible while there is still a good selection in the shops and garden centres.